The Opening


A Journey Through My Inaugural Solo Exhibition in Malaysia

In 2007, I had the honor of presenting my inaugural solo exhibition at Pelita Hati, a renowned gallery in Kuala Lumpur. This milestone came four years after my relocation to Copenhagen, and it marked a significant chapter in my artistic journey.

Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition featured a diverse series of artworks, showcasing collages, monoprints on postcards, digital prints, drawings, and sculptures. Among these, the collage series stood out, crafted between 2006 and 2007 using posters from libraries and art magazines, particularly Art Forum. One piece, 'The Thinker,' garnered special recognition, being selected as the top choice by the editor in Saatchi Online Magazine's Weekly Top Ten in 2007.

Artistic Process

My artistic process is deeply intertwined with the mediums I use. From digital prints to sculptures, each piece is a culmination of various techniques and inspirations. The monoprint series, for instance, featured portraits of renowned and notorious figures from around the globe, sourced from Danish newspaper articles. This blend of traditional and modern techniques allows me to explore and express complex themes.

Public and Critical Reception

The exhibition received considerable media coverage, reflecting the public and critical interest in my work. This exposure not only validated my efforts but also connected me with a broader audience, eager to engage with my artistic vision.

Artistic Inspiration

Print media, including magazines, newspapers, and advertisements, serve as a rich source of inspiration for my work. The concept of ready-mades fascinates me, sparking creative ideas and driving my artistic endeavors. Additionally, the internet is an invaluable resource, offering endless possibilities for exploration and inspiration.

Personal Reflections

Creating art is not just a profession for me; it's a grounding and essential outlet that helps me navigate the complexities of our world. I find joy in both the artistic process and the final outcomes of my creations. Striking a balance between knowing when to conclude a piece and the risk of overworking it is a challenge I embrace as a fundamental aspect of my artistic growth.


As I continue to evolve along this artistic path, I am excited about the future and the projects that lie ahead. Stay connected for updates on upcoming exhibitions and new works. Your support and interest fuel my creative journey.