Contemporary Odesto the Daily Mundane

Title: Contemporary Ode to the Daily Mundane @Edinburg Print, Scotland in 2023 
Medium:  Silk Screen on atlas

In the Margin: Navigating Displacement as a Diaspora Artist

It's simply by accident that I stumbled into being part of the group exhibition called "In the Margin", which took place at Edinburgh Print in Scotland. As COVID restrictions eased after two years, I was eager to unleash the creative energy that had been building up. The theme of displacement resonated deeply with me, a diaspora artist constantly navigating the complexities of identity and belonging.

Journey to the Exhibition

In my quest for artistic residencies, I discovered Fyns Grafiske Værksted in Odense, Denmark. This city holds a special place in my heart, as I had previously worked on a school project there. Odense, with its rich history and connection to HC Andersen, felt like a familiar yet new adventure. Despite my hesitations about speaking Danish, I decided to call the residency program, leading to a fruitful conversation with Lene, who runs the place.

Challenges and Memorable Moments

During my residency, I faced the challenge of working with new techniques and materials. However, the experience was enriched by collaborating with Birgitte Lyng Andersen. Her openness to experimentation allowed me to explore new artistic avenues and push the boundaries of my work.

Artistic Techniques and Processes

The "Contemporary Ode to the Daily Mundane" series emerged from this residency. I employed silk screen techniques, integrating photo-performance elements with maps and text. The use of old atlas pages as backgrounds symbolized the ever-changing boundaries and spaces we navigate. The prints featured images of me holding or wearing objects that shape my identity, such as a mortar, globe, luggage bag, and rice cooker.

Thematic Exploration

Displacement, both voluntary and forced, has been a recurring theme in my work. While I moved to Denmark out of love, the feeling of being 'displaced' still lingers. This series explores the idea of home, identity, and belonging in times of uncertainty. It seeks to understand what it means to be human and an artist amidst constant change.


My residency at Fyns Grafiske Værksted and participation in the "In the Margin" exhibition have profoundly impacted my artistic journey. It provided a platform to delve deeper into the theme of displacement and express my experiences as a diaspora artist. I invite you to explore this journey with me and reflect on the intricate layers of identity and belonging.