Layering Gang kelinci, Gudskul, Jakarta Indonesia

Title: Layering Gang Kelinci @Gudskul, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Medium: silk screen and heat press
Material: found plastic Year: 2023

Layering Gang Kelinci: Symbiosis of Culture and Plastic Consciousness

"Layering Gang Kelinci: Symbiosis of Culture and Plastic Consciousness" transcends typical artistic boundaries, offering an immersive and transformative experience at Gudskul. This exhibition intricately merges environmental consciousness with cultural exploration, enriching the ongoing discourse on the interplay between art, culture, and environmental responsibility. It targets art enthusiasts, environmental activists, the local community, and cultural scholars.

During a memorable motorcycle excursion with Adi, a Gudskul guard, I was invited into his village residence near Gudskul. As we journeyed through the village, we embarked on a collection of discarded plastics. These plastics, once considered waste, became the foundation of my art. Through innovative techniques like silk screening mixed with heat pressing, these salvaged plastics metamorphosed into captivating artworks showcased at the Gudskul exhibition space.

The exhibition features interactive installations and sensory experiences, engaging the audience in a dialogue about environmental sustainability and cultural narratives. Visitors can touch and feel the textures of the transformed plastics, participate in interactive displays, and immerse themselves in the sensory elements of the exhibition.

"Layering Gang Kelinci" aligns harmoniously with Gudskul's ethos—a collaborative learning hub and contemporary art ecosystem spearheaded by Jakarta's art collectives: ruangrupa, Serrum, and Grafis Huru Hara (GHH). Since the early 2000s, these collectives have championed collective and collaborative practices in contemporary art. United by values like equity, sharing, solidarity, friendship, and unity, these collectives established a shared space in 2015 to advance the vibrancy of art and culture, igniting creative initiatives within the wider community.

In tandem with this cooperative outlook, an inventive platform emerged through festival organization and seminar curations, notably showcased in the immersive event series dubbed Stateless Mind by Jambatan collective, which I co-founded in Copenhagen. This initiative resonates with my personal artistic practice while mirroring Gudskul’s collaborative ethos. Tailored for diaspora artists in the Nordic regions, this thoughtful initiative underscores a commitment to nurturing artistic interaction, cultural dialogues, and creative empowerment across diverse artistic spheres.

By intertwining environmental advocacy, cultural exploration, and community engagement, "Layering Gang Kelinci" bridges with Gudskul to shape a cultural environment steeped in inclusivity, collaboration, and artistic resonance.


Installation view of the exhibition


close up of the artwork


Adi on his motorbike


Interview session at Ruru Radio, Gudskul


Gudskul-a place surrounded by cafes, studios, concert hall and artist residency.