Artist residency at Pilotenkueche, leipzig, Germany


Title: Too Far East is West (installation) Medium: Poster and house paint, 
Location: Schulsaal, Germany.              Year:2023


The title 'Too Far East is West' encapsulates a profound journey—a convergence of personal experiences shaped by my roots in the East in Malaysia and my current existence in the West in Copenhagen. This dichotomy, resonating with echoes of my past and present, served as a guiding force throughout my transformative artistic exploration in Leipzig.

1. Too Far East is West

Concept and Inspiration

During my time in Leipzig, I found myself in an apartment shared with twin folk singers from Ireland in the Western enclaves of the city—a region mirroring Leipzig's rich historical tapestry interlaced with tales of restoration and revitalization. Cycling through Leipzig on my daily commute to the Eastern studio, approximately 6 km away, I traversed a cityscape teeming with life, where history and modernity coalesced into a vibrant urban symphony.

The architectural legacy of Leipzig, a city once overlooked in the wake of the Berlin Wall's fall, illustrated a poignant narrative of a city rejuvenating its essence while preserving its historic splendor. The journey from a city untouched by progress to one embracing revitalization laid bare Leipzig's evolution—a city shaped by the echoes of its past intermingling with the vibrancy of its present.

Artistic Techniques

Navigating my bicycle through Leipzig's bustling streets and industrial precincts en route to the studio, the graffiti-laden walls and colorful street posters lining the cityscape became a visual diary of Leipzig's spirited identity. Steeped in artistic fervor, Leipzig's anarchic yet harmonious mix of decor reverberated a sense of urban freedom and creative expression, fostering a canvas where art and everyday life seamlessly interplayed.

Being on the bike was not just a means of transportation but a canvas for my experiences. Equipped with a bike featuring a front carrier, I traversed the streets, collecting posters that echoed Leipzig's urban narrative. Scouring locations where half-fallen posters adorned the walls, I unearthed layers of artistic expression stacked upon one another. These posters, a medley of narratives and history, whispered tales of Leipzig's past and present, some stories dating back years before authorities would clear them from their urban canvases.

Experience and Interaction

The bicycle ride, coupled with the poster collection ritual, offered a visceral connection to Leipzig's urban landscape. From the tactile act of peeling posters to uncover hidden stories and layerings, each artifact showcased Leipzig's cultural mosaic—one that celebrated both the city's resilience and the transient rhythms of its everyday life.

Embracing Leipzig's artistic energy and creative resilience, I felt a kinship with the city's vibrant ethos—a sentiment reminiscent of my artistic endeavors in Copenhagen, where posters had served as one of the primary medium of expression. The amalgamation of artistic vibrance and cultural heritage embodied Leipzig's spirit, infusing my studio at Pilotenkueche with a multifaceted tapestry of collected posters and graffiti.

Each poster gathered along my daily sojourn told a saga of Leipzig's dynamic identity, inviting viewers to delve into the hidden stories woven within its urban fabric. By repurposing these fragments into an art installation, I sought to pay homage to Leipzig's collective voice—a tribute to the transient allure and cultural tapestry threaded through daily urban life.

'Too Far East is West' stands as both an ode and a tribute—a celebration of Leipzig's cultural richness and urban vibrancy, a poetic dialogue between past and present, tradition and modernity. Through a mosaic of discarded artifacts and spirited expressions, this installation narrates the essence of Leipzig's artistic soul, offering a visual journey through the city's historic heart and creative pulse.




2. The Last Supper Remix

During my three-month residency, I curated a group performance inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's renowned painting "The Last Supper," titled 'The Last Supper Remix.' This creative endeavor explored the themes of sharing and generosity, mirroring da Vinci's portrayal of community and benevolence in his iconic artwork. The performance delved into the multifaceted aspects of sharing—an exploration encompassing ideas, resources, creativity, and the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Performance Elements

The central aim of 'The Last Supper Remix' was to underscore the intrinsic importance of generosity as a core element in human connection. By highlighting the collaborative and inclusive nature of the artistic process, this performance aimed to redefine traditional attitudes towards authorship in art. By fostering a communal environment that encouraged connection, collaboration, and generosity among participants and viewers, the performance sought to reimagine the boundaries of art appreciation and engagement. Ultimately, it presented a fresh perspective on the enduring relevance of history, promoting themes of unity, compassion, and human connection in the contemporary context.

Culinary Experience

In addition to the artistic performance, I shared a piece of my cultural heritage through an interactive culinary experience. I prepared a diaspora yellow curry, combining aromatic spices such as star anise, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, and traditional Malaysian curry spices. This culinary venture not only offered a taste of home but also symbolized the merging of cultural traditions within my personal life. Embracing the fusion of cultures resulting from my marriage to a Dane and raising children in a multicultural setting, our daily routines were enriched by the harmonious blending of diverse customs and traditions—a reflection of the beauty found in shared experiences and mutual appreciation across cultural boundaries.

During the vibrant rendition of 'The Last Supper Remix,' art served as a catalyst for generosity and collaboration, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared creativity among participants. The performance transcended artistic confines, encouraging connections and bridging cultural gaps through creative expression. By creating a unified experience that promoted connectivity, collaboration, and generosity, this performance enabled individuals to explore fresh perspectives, engage in meaningful interactions, and celebrate the richness of human connections through both artistic and gastronomic channels.

This amalgamation of culinary delights and artistic expressions embodies a profound tale of inclusivity, empathy, and the transformative power of cultural diversity. Through shared experiences and creative endeavors that traverse traditional boundaries, individuals are invited to engage with diverse perspectives, delve into meaningful conversations, and revel in the depths of human connection through both artistic and culinary experiences.