Dear Helle

Title: Dear Helle
Medium: Installation @Immigrant Museum Farum, Denmark
Materials: Postcards and pins
Year: 2014

Dear Helle: An Interactive Installation at the Immigrant Museum, Farum, Denmark

In 2014, the Immigrant Museum in Farum, Denmark, hosted a compelling installation titled Dear Helle. This unique artwork featured two images of the former Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, adorned with hundreds of postcards meticulously pinned to the museum's wall. These postcards were a collection amassed over the years from cultural hubs and restaurants in Copenhagen, creating a rich tapestry of public sentiment and cultural dialogue.

Visitor Engagement

The installation was designed to be interactive, encouraging museum visitors to engage actively by writing postcards to the Prime Minister throughout the exhibition's duration. This engagement fostered a sense of participation and personal connection, allowing visitors to voice their thoughts and feelings directly to a political figure.

Collaboration with Trampoline House

In collaboration with Trampoline House, an independent community center offering support to refugees and asylum seekers in Copenhagen, workshops were organized where participants could share their experiences and challenges. These workshops were a platform for refugees to articulate the unbearable challenges of living in refugee camps, creating heartfelt messages that were later compiled and sent to the Prime Minister. This collaboration highlighted the voices of those often marginalized, bringing their stories to the forefront of public consciousness.

Messages to the Prime Minister

The postcards collected during the exhibition were not just symbolic; they were a direct line of communication to the Prime Minister. After the exhibition concluded, these messages were dispatched to Helle Thorning Schmidt's office, ensuring that the voices of the participants and visitors were heard at the highest levels of government.

Migrant Interviews

Adding another layer to the installation, videos showcasing interviews with migrants detailed their experiences living in Denmark. These personal narratives provided a poignant backdrop to the postcards, offering deeper insight into the lives and struggles of migrants. The interviews were a powerful testament to the resilience and courage of those who have sought refuge in Denmark.

Thematic Essence

The essence of Dear Helle revolves around the fleeting nature of existence, as its original form could only be observed and experienced within the exhibition's temporal confines. The utilization of postcards symbolizes transparency and signifies a period of transition—a tangible marker of change amidst the rapid evolution towards a digitized era characterized by swift technological advancements.

Impact and Response

The installation elicited emotional responses from museum visitors and the general public. Many were moved by the personal stories and the opportunity to engage directly with a political figure. The emotional impact of the artwork was profound, resonating deeply with those who experienced it.


Dear Helle stands as a significant contribution to the discourse on migration and political engagement. By combining visual art, personal narratives, and direct political communication, the installation created a powerful platform for dialogue and reflection. It underscored the importance of giving a voice to the marginalized and highlighted the potential of art to influence and inspire societal change.