"Narratives Unveiled: A Multisensory Exploration of Reality"


Title: "Narratives Unveiled: A Multisensory Exploration of Reality"

Performance and installation @Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark

Materials: Spices, sand, salt, paper, ink, newspaper, bullet caps, shisha, toy gun, photograph and guitar, Size: variables, Year: 2016

This immersive artwork delves into the layered dimensions of reality through the lens of Feras, a Syrian refugee in Denmark. Central to the narrative is Feras's journey, depicted through a symbolic roadmap tracing his passage from Syria to Denmark. Utilizing a diverse array of materials, including spices, the piece evokes historical echoes, drawing parallels to the Age of Discovery. Here, the quest for spices mirrors humanity's enduring pursuit of resources, ultimately intertwining with narratives of colonization and cultural exchange.  

During the opening, a group of people were invited to do a live performance. The performance was an exploration that delved into the intricate ways in which mass media impacts and molds our views and understanding of the world around us. It aimed to shed light on how the information and narratives presented to us through various media channels can influence our thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on different topics. By examining our relationship with mass media, the performance sought to raise awareness and provoke reflection on the power and influence of media in shaping our perceptions and creating a shared reality.